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IT-consultant on toplevel!

M.Sc.EE (DTU) - Sun J2EE certified - BEA Weblogic certified - worked as official IBM consultant / BEA consultant / 7N consultant ...
Keywords: active teamplayer - forthcoming - integrity - sincerety - humbleness - professional

Profile: People use my services because I'm good at configuration & integration! Got lots of determination and walk the hard path if necessary. I really try to be a nice guy and have understanding for other peoples problems. In IT since early 1980's. J2EE since 1997. Weblogic Server on AIX/Windows. Knows J2EE ground up (developing, configuring, supporting). I take personal responsibility: whatever necesary to do - wherever to go - whoever to contact - whatever blame necessary to take for anybody to move the process forward. Public & private sector. Small & large projects. Strong pressure or not.

Hands-on practical articles on private Linux box sites:,,,

Track record

  • 2006.11 to.. (now) : ProData consultant - UML realization of usecases in appropriate technology for Telecom client
    Architectural translation of usecases with business knowledge into J2EE application design - to oursourced subcontractor in India. Adjusting data model. Technologies: UML, J2EE, Webservices, EJBQL, SOA. Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Enterprise Architect, Oracle, BEA Weblogic Portal
  • 2006.09 : 7N consultant - troubleshooting on DB2e for company in transport sector.
    Did a setup review on (handheld device synchronization) performance bottlenecks in DB2e environment. Delivered 13-page report (excl. appendix), locating problem, suggesting changes and additional studies. Tools: HP4700 PDA, WinCE, DB2e, Websphere, WAS, DB2, J2EE, Wintel
  • 2006.08 : 7N consultant - WLI fixed-price job for Telecom client.
    Basicly a servicepack upgrade and a quick application service check of a BEA Weblogic/WLI/Suse Linux/Oracle installation. New drivers and reduction of overall memory footprint. Tools: BEA Weblogic WLI, BEA Workshop, Suse Linux, Oracle.
  • 2006.05 to 2006.07: 7N consultant - insurance company (Tryg).
    Serving in the IT-Architectural group. All-round hand. Troubleshooting on propritary system bugs in production through reverse-engineering. Simplifying Weblogic/Websphere MQ integration architecture (kicked out MQ and replaced it with J2EE ETC/extended transaction client) - later worked hard on stability problem troubleshooting. BlutCoat setup analysis (reading raw extract config). Log consolidation. Recovery analysis of crashed CVS. Technologies: J2EE, Weblogic, IBM MQseries, webservices, BlueCoat, Eclipse.
  • 2005.01 to 2005.08: BEA Systems consultant - bank/finance (Jyske Bank & Nykredit).
    "Hit-the-ground-running" allround-hand for 7 months on weblogic in AIX environment. Official BEA Systems consultant at JN-Data (operation support site for bank/finance: Jyske Bank & Nykredit). Management and troubleshooting (when WLS drops dead, applications don't run/communicate correctly, resolving configuration and performance issues,..). Handling initial response to alarms from surveillance regarding production problems (BEA server & portal). Resolving problems on-the-spot and/or analyze problems sufficiently for other people to take ownership of problems. Assisting when applying program changes to production. Technologies: J2EE, AIX, Weblogic 8.1, shell scripting, Java test programs,... whatever it takes to keep production flying and developers happy in their test-environment.
  • 2000.03 to 2004.12: BULL consultant - allocated to projects for Danish Duty & Tax
    Specializing on security issues and Weblogic 4.5/5.1/7.1/8.1. Working in the developer department and equally assisting the inhouse AIX operation support unit. Various projects to handle electronically all trade between an EU member state and non-EU countries (import & export system). Troubleshooting problems relating to application/middleware: segment-faults, connection-loss, memory-leaks, single-point-of-failures, performance-issues (security related or not), stress-testing... Technologies: Weblogic, SSO, Security provider, passticket generator, session-id manager, JAAS, AIX, J2EE, Eclipse (from very first versions), Ant, fat client applet, servlet, Sun plugin, Webstart, Muffins, LDAP, Pearl, EJB 2.0 / 1.1, XDoclet, Domain model, Middlegen, Velocity, UML, design patterns, Ant, Sybase, RMI, Unit tests...
  • 2000.02: IBM consultant - Copenhagen Fur Center auction house
    Bodyshopped on-location developer in a team of 10-15. Impelementing print solution. Less successfull (in my view) - as system architects didn't handle the inexperienced client entirely professionally. Technologies: 3/9 barcode, J2ee, VisualAge for Java
  • 1999.12: IBM consultant - Østergård/Danish auto spareparts
    Website functionality maintenance. Techologies: servlets, SQL, DB/2, VisualAge for Java 1998.02 to 1998.11: IBM consultant - Nordea
    Bodyshopped on-location developer through continously 9 months.Teknologies: C++/Java, JNI, Visual Sourcesafe, Websphere, Network dispatcher, servlet, webserver load distribution, round-robin,..
  • 1997.10: IBM consultant - Medicare timeslot allocation application
    Health-care timeplanning program for medical staff. In a team of 5, my part was the graphical diagram presentation.Technologies: C++, OS/2 PM, Gantt-diagram print module (color) with pre-view option.
  • 1997.05: IBM consultant - Public sector "Erhvervs & selskabsstyrelsen"
    Bodyshopped developer building (early-days) CGI web-site for on-line ordering of company information. Teknologies: CGI, REXX, JavaScript, HTML 3.2, sendmail
  • 1997.04: IBM consultant - BG Bank website applet
    Teknologies: JDK 1.1, Applet, HTML
  • 1997.01: IBM consultant - "Danske Bank" dial-up home-banking solution
    Developer on a 3-4 person team. Update of existing homebanking application. Use-case driven business-logic changes - for the largest bank in Denmark ("Danske bank").Teknologies: C++, "GUI-Master" cross-platform class library, OS/2
  • 1995.09: graduated with M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering (EE)
Epitat: I take special caution to give plenty of "space" to others and never, ever claim to be the best head around in any regard - but I sure try to improve myself constantly!

Skills profile

JavaEE (J2EE) 10 High 2006Professionally from 1997 for IBM
Unix shellscript 7 Average 2005 grep,awk,sed,cut,.. for AIX support
JavaScript 5 Average 2005Ooh, I love when it gets dirty:)
EJB 2.0 5 High 2005Danish tax&customs+financial sector
Servlets 6 High 2005Since early at IBM
Applet/Webstart 5 High 2006Danish tax&revenue, fat client
JMS 2 High 2006Weblogic JMS, MQ JMS, WLI JMS...
JDBC 5 Average 2006Used in BEA Weblogic configuration
JSP 2 Low 2005Applied during BEA certification trail
JNI 1 Average 1999For IBM, financial sector project
RMI 4 Average 2004Applied during SCJD certification
HTML 4.0 10 Average 2006Have it in the blood...
XML 4 Average 2006Used beyond what I remember..
SAX/DOM 2 Average 2006While 7N consultant, for XML handling
Eclipse 3 High 2006Since 2002, following VAJ
IntelliJ 2 Average 2006From 2007
(VAJ)VisualAgeJava 3 High 2002For IBM, team/enterprise edition
Log4J 5 High 2006Almost all projects
Maven 1 Average 2006While 7N consultant, financial sector
Ant 4 High 2006Almost all projects
Enterprise Architect 2 Average 2006Case tool
Designpatterns 5 Average 2006Applied during SCEA certification, and my site
UML 4 Average 2006Applied during SCEA certification, and my site
JUnit 3 Average 20063 projects
Middlegen (Velocity) 1 Average 2004OO mapping for Danish tax&revenue
Xdoclet 2 Average 2004EJB config for Danish tax&revenue
CVS 2 Average 2006While 7N consultant
MSVC 4 Average 2004Source repository, Danish tax&revenue
Subversion 1 Average 2006Subversion
TOAD 4 Average 2006Used to inspect database, PL/SQL
Hibernate 1 Average 2006Check out
Struts 2 Average 2006Check out
Spring 1 Average 2006Check out
AIX 4.3.3/5.2 (Unix) 5 High 2005My preferred platform!
Linux 3 Average 2005Stable! Used for hosting my 30+ sites
Microsoft Windows 10+ Average 2004Used in all projects so far
BEA Weblogic 4.51, 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, 9.1 6 High 2006Certified on BEA server. Worked for BEA Systems as their consultant.
Tomcat 3 Average 2004Running private 20+ sites/virtual hosts
Websphere 1 Low 2000Applied while working for IBM as their consultant in Nordea Bank
MQseries 5.2.1/5.3/6.0 1 Average 2005While 7N consultant, financial sector
SunOne/IPlanet 1 Average 2005While BEA consultant, support unit
LDAP 3 Average 2004On project for Danish tax&revenue
Apache 1 Low 2003Private setup
JAAS 4 High 2004Project for Danish tax&revenue
Weblogic security provider 5 High 2004Project for Danish tax&revenue
Bluecoat 2 Average 20067N consultant, load-distributer use
SSL 4 Average 2005Did server certificate/codesigning
NAT 4 Average 2006Routing my 20+ websites
DNS 4 Low 2006Setting up DNS for my 20+ websites
Firewall 2 Low 2006Routing my 20+ websites
OS/2 3 1999IBM consultant, developed heavily on the platform
C++/C 8 1998 WatcomC++/TurboC++/VisualAgeC++
SQL 7 2005Used mostly in troubleshooting situations
M68k assembler 1 1989University: hardware-near programming
Pascal 5 1992University: algorithm & data structures
Fortran 3 1990University: mathematical calculations
ADA 1 1990University: parallel programming algo.
Lisp 1 1989University: functional specifications
Modula-2 5 1990University: modular programming
Z80 Basic 3 1984Starter language: math programs
i80x86 assembler 4 Ex-Elite 1989Remote debugging, Periscope, Softice, TASM, MASM
Sun J2EE Arkitekt 310-051 2004Passed 1st test, 2nd pending...
SCJD (310-252A, 310-027) 2004Sun Certified Developer for Java 2 Platform
SCJP (310-025) 2003Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform
BEA-CSS 2003BEA Certified Specialist: Server
Fundamentals of J2EE Web application Development Using BEA 2003BEA course
Developing enterprise applications with BEA WebLogic server EJB and JMS 2003BEA course
IBM: Presentation techniques 1997IBM course
IBM: DB2 & SQL Basics 1997IBM course
IBM: OTU 1 (Java) 1997IBM course


M.Sc.EE diploma

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OTU1 Java, 1997

OTU1 Java, 1998

DB2, SQL basic

Presentation tech.

BEA J2EE 2003



Java Programmer

Java Developer